About Mathew Yates

LICENSED IN OREGON, WASHINGTON, ARIZONA, & CALIFORNIA: Nearly 15 years in finance has given me the financial acumen to guide my clients towards mortgage products that suite both their short and long term financial goals. As a Broker with 100+ Lenders to choose from, and volume discount pricing, very few can beat our Rates/Pricing/Closing Costs. Our Diverse Lender Network allows us to conduct Traditional loans to Private, Hard Money, Self Employed Borrowers, Doctor Loans, VA, other Government Backed Loans, Rehab, and even Commercial loans. We have a lender for just about everyone.

I have worked on the Retail side, wholesale, and private banking sides of the finance industry, so I understand even the most complex financial scenarios.

Why work with a Broker? We take your goals, your inputs, enter them into our database of lenders, and can see who has the fastest closing times, least amount of headaches, best pricing on rates and closing costs, which lender specializes in your financial scenarios niche. 1 Call to me can save borrowers 10’s of Thousands of dollars not only in upfront costs, but over the life of the loan. What would take you weeks to shop every lender you can find, we can do in a quick phone call.

I can run a quote across our large network of lenders in a couple quick minutes, and without pulling credit. If we find a deal that makes sense, we can apply and lock a rate in right there. If the deal doesn’t make sense, we can wait and keep looking. The capital markets change daily, and so do the costs of rates we have access too.

Let me know how I can assist you in meeting your mortgage needs.


Mathew Yates
Loan Originator
(C) 971-325-8537
Licensed: OR/WA – NMLS #1173903

NEXA Mortgage, LLC NMLS# 1660690
4400 NE 77th Ave. Suite 275, Vancouver, WA 98662

Thank you for your continued trust and referrals.

Mathew Yates
Senior Mortgage Broker